How To Apply Concealer

Begin by gently shaking a little bit of foundation into the lid. If you have more than one foundation, in order to get the correct tone for your skin, simply shake all foundations into one lid. This will make both mixing and cleanup easier.

Take your wholesale mineral makeup large shadow brush and very gently mix the foundation in the lid by using a swirling motion. You will notice there is a significant amount of mineral powder on the brush. Do not automatically apply the minerals to your face, instead gently tap the excess from the brush first. Use the wholesale mineral makeup large shadow brush on the areas where you need a little extra coverage. Apply the mineral foundation under and around your eye area, on blemishes and dark spots, and around the base of your nose area (where your nostrils are). Use smooth and even strokes when using the large shadow brush, so you get a more even finish. Once you have concealed any problem areas set your large shadow brush to the side. You may need it later for small touch-ups. Now you can take the all-purpose brush and begin applying the foundation to the rest of your face.