How To Apply Mineral Foundation

For A Dewey Healthy Look with great Coverage...Our Favourite Technique:

Apply Natural Oil Primer to the face, neck & decolletage. Allow to absorb into the the skin for a few minutes. Using either our Domed or Flat Top Kabuki or our new favourite Buffer Brush, place your brush into the jar and then tip it upside down tapping the product. Once you have the correct amount of minerals on the brush, start at the outside of your nose and apply the mineral makeup, using an across and downward motion with the idea of turning the power into a liquid as you go.  

For A Matte Finish:

Apply our Mineral primer. Use our Domed Kabuki Brush, Flat Top Kabuki Brush Our new favourite Buffer Brush. Tap the foundation into the lid, swirl the Brush into the loose powder, and then tap away the excess before applying it to your face. Whichever brush you prefer using, simple swirl it in the foundation just like the other brushes, tap off the excess, and gently apply to your skin by using a buffing motion. Begin at the nose and inner cheek area and work your way outwards. You can also use this technique around the eye area, but be very light-handed when doing so. Once you are finished with the application, gently buff out the jaw line of your face so there are no apparent demarcation lines between your jaw and your neck.