Cheeks & Eyes


Apply the Blush with the Contour Brush on your cheek area where the middle of your eye sits. On most people this is approximately where the apples of your cheeks are. To verify, smile slightly to see which area of your cheek raises up and outwards. Sweep the brush over your cheek area, not going past the outer corner of your eyes. You don't want to make clown-like circles or racing stripes, so be sure to blend the colour and be somewhat light-handed in the application process. Remember, it's much easier to add than to take away. Whether you choose to use a warming colour or a bronzer alone or with a blush colour, you will be applying it in the same fashion. First begin by wiping the brush clean with a dry towel or paper towel. Next, lightly dip the brush into the mineral powder, swirl slightly, and tap off the excess. Now lightly apply the colour across your cheeks and up your temples, very lightly down the centre of your nose, on your chin, over your forehead and very lightly on your ears. Most of the time when a bronzer or warming colour is applied the ears get missed and it tends to give you an incomplete look. Finally, gently sweep the brush downward from your jaw down your neck, in order to give you a more natural look. Feel free to apply eye shadow as well, but if you are going for a minimal and more natural look, use a neutral eye shadow.

How To Apply Eyeshadow
Take your wholesale mineral makeup Eye Shadow Brush and very gently 
Shake the pot of Mineral Eye Shadow to release the powder onto the lid. Gently wipe the Eye Shadow Brush into the powder in the lid of the pot. Gently press into the eyelid. Please note that wiping the shadow across the eye lid is not as effective as pressing into the skin as the shadows will smear and lift from your skin. Add our Eye Liner Sealer to your brush and mix with your eye shadow to create an effect called FOILING. This technique turns your powder eye shadow into an intense metallic cream shadow which is applied with a sweeping effect. Blend, mix and layer however you desire!